Staircase Café Theatre
27, Dundurn North, Hamilton, ON L8R 3C9 – 905.529.3000

For our Cinema Politica series of documentaries, we were lucky enough to be incubated by the Staircase Café Theatre that is letting us use their 67-seat theatre to show our documentaries on every last Wednesday of every month (well, with a little break so we can all just enjoy summer).

Located just a block out of Main Street at Dundurn, the Staircase is steps away from public transportation. It has a little free parking lot at its back and plenty of spots in the streets around it. The Café has beer, special popcorn, sandwiches, soups and much more. The building is wheelchair friendly, has A/C and a unique vibe that will make you want to come back over and over again!

Perkins Centre
1429 Main Street East, Hamilton, ON, L8K 1C2

The proper name of the place is Dr. John M. Perkins Centre, but all locals call it simply the Perkins Centre. The Main and Kenilworth building is a community centre on the ground and basement levels, having 46 affordable studio apartments on the above floors. It belongs to Indwell and their network of six housing programs offering a range of 1 and 2 bedrooms apartments, group houses and semi-independent living units.

The Perkins Centre is easily accessible by public transportation, has a small parking lot at the back and offers us a clean, safe and wheelchair accessible environment.