Come for the film. Stay for the conversation.

About Us

We are passionate people interested in culture, politics and community building, and we truly believe in the power of conversations as the starting point for amazing projects and change.

Our Projects

We currently have three active projects -- a Community Cinema at the East End, Cinema Politica at Staircase Theatre and Cinema Politica at Mohawk College with Social Inc.

Contact Us

We are always up for an interesting chat! So don't be shy and write to us with your ideas, comments, suggestions, projects and so forth. Let's have more dialogues!

Dear friends

We started The Hamilton Dialogues exactly a year ago with no money at all, counting only with the incredible support of Colette Kendall from Staircase and not much more than a crazy idea in mind!

We ended up establishing partnerships with OPIRG McMaster, City Hall, the Crown Point Planning Team, Social Inc/Mohawk College, Hot Docs, Cinema Politica, Goethe Institut, the Swiss Government and Hamilton Film Festival and screening 9 documentaries at Staircase, 1 at the Central Library, another 1 at McMaster, 4 at Mohawk , 1 at The Tower plus 16 films at Indwell’s Perkins Centre! We also had a great time meeting people, making new friends and discussing some pretty interesting issues – not bad for a first year with no budget and with us playing by year, eh?

Now we are moving into a new phase, getting ready to open a tiny Community Cinema Café on Main Street East, where we hope we can find a better model for supporting our community projects. The place is quite small, but the task is huge for us. So we will need to have a break during the month of January – only the free screenings at Mohawk will keep working as always.
If everything goes well (hey, fingers crossed there!), we will see you again on February. So keep tuned because very soon we will be announcing not only our full program for the first months of 2016 but also more details about tour new place.

And, please, accept our immense gratitude for your support and presence. It was a fantastic experience, and we just hope we can see you again soon!

Just a sample of what we are bringing to you this year

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